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Shayla Janel Hill  is one the most stylish influential fashionprenuers of Instagram. She owns one of the biggest online high fashion vintage resale stores to date making over six figures as she poses effortlessly in the the comfort of her home where she is often referred to as a barbie because of her iconic poses used in her photos for her business, Random&Chic. Often known for going viral and making bold statements, Shayla Janel is also a fashion activist. She is the creator of #SlayForAChange, an initiative that uses fashion to spread awareness about police brutality and cultural appropriation. She has been featured in Good Morning America, MSN China, Elle Brasil, Women’s Wear Daily, Fashion Bomb Daily, and more. We are humbly honored to have worked with someone as kind, passionate, and impactful as Ms. Hill. Our best-seller has gotten so much exposure with over 7K+ likes. Your sincere compliments has forever left a mark on our hearts and propelled us to keep going.  

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